Why should I use parcelio?

Parcelio is much more cost-effective than the postal service and courier services. Yet we provide the same advantage as courier services: parcels are tracked within Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan.

How much more cost-effective is it when compared with a courier?

Shipping 1kg (or 2lbs) to Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan with parcelio costs $20.99 whereas it would cost at least $100 using a courier service. In general, you will save about 2/3 of the cost when using parcelio as opposed to a courier service.

How much more cost-effective is parcelio when compared with USPS?

Shipping 1kg (2lb) to China costs over $25 yet you don't receive a tracking number. Using parcelio costs $20.99 and you get a tracking number once your parcel reaches Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan.

How does the shipping work inside Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan?

Once the carrier arrives in Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan they will ship your parcel using one of two local shipping companies in each of the destinations: ChinaPost or SF Express in Mainland China, Hongkong Post or SF Express in Hong Kong, Chunghwa Post or SF Express in Taiwan. We will obtain the tracking number and will be able to tell when your parcel has reached its destination. In most cases your parcel will reach its destination within 5 business days.

How much money can I make using parcelio?

It all depends how much you carry but it starts at $17 for 1kg (2lb). For 2kg you get $25, for 3kg $34 and for 4kg $43 (it increases all the way to 10kg). To give you some sense of the weight: 1kg is about two books or half the weight of a MacBook Air. Most people have space to carry 1kg in their backpacks when they travel, so no additional space is required in the suitcase.

How much can I send with parcelio?

You can send as little as 1kg and as much as 10kg. Keep in mind though that the more weight you’re trying to send the tougher it’s going to be to find someone who has sufficient space to carry your parcel.

What happens if you can't find anyone to ship my parcel?

We certainly hope that won't happen! Add your parcel on parcelio as early as possible to increase the chances of finding someone who travels to Mainland China/Hong Kong/Taiwan. If we still can't find someone you can either change the delivery date (to enable more people to carry your parcel) or ship your parcel using an alternative, more expensive method.

What happens if I encounter issues when I get to China?

We have a local shipping specialist in China who can be reached by phone. She is available Sunday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and is fluent in Mandarin.

Is it unsafe to carry items that do not belong to you?

No, it's not unsafe. Parcelio is fully integrated with Facebook and you can only carry for or send items with fellow Berkeley students. We do recommend that you always check the content of the parcel before traveling.

Won’t the carrier just run away with my parcel once I hand it over to them?

The carrier won’t run away with your parcel because we only pay them once your parcel has reached its destination.

When do I pay for my parcel?

You only pay for your parcel once you make a request from someone who's traveling. If the person declined your request you will be immediately fully reimbursed and will be able to make a new parcel request.

When does the carrier get paid?

As soon as the parcel reaches its destination the carrier gets paid.

How can I pay for my parcel?

You can pay directly on our site using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We use 2048 bit public key encryption and never store your credit card information (our payment processing partner handles your payment).

What happens if either the sender or the carrier cancels the shipping process?

We will provide a full refund to the sender.

What's the maximum weight I can send through parcelio?

10 kg or 22 lbs. That's a hefty load! To maximize the chance of getting your items shipped quickly try sending smaller parcels. If you do have to send a large one, no worries! We'll find you someone.

What kind of things do people ship with parcelio?

Any personal item like books, food, clothing, cosmetics or electronics.

What am I not allowed to ship?

Anything that is dangerous or illegal: drugs, weapons, ammunition, flammable items and sharp objects. Check out airline websites and use good judgment! If you're in doubt, contact us.

Does parcelio provide any insurance in the event of a stolen/damaged/lost parcel?

We do not yet offer insurance. Through Facebook the sender or receiver is able to know who will be carrying their parcel and whether that person is trustworthy. We're pretty certain that our carriers - fellow Berkeley students - won't be worse than your typical courier. Just check out some of the horror stories about courriers on YouTube!

How much does it cost to ship with parcelio?

Please take a look at our home page. The updated prices are posted there.